Replacement with Converted CPU II

[subtitle] Impact 400 / Bushman 400 / FarrQ2[/subtitle]
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Clean Air Solutions has modified its current CPU II pressurisation unit for conversion and replacement of the Impact 400 / Bushman 400 / FarrQ2 units.

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Maintaining control of production, reducing equipment failure and alleviating expensive maintenance procedures to mitigate dust emissions were the key principles applied to the development of the CPU II Pressurisation unit that offers a clean air flow without the need for frequent filter replacements.
Our CPUII which is a very reliable and efficient unit with only 2 moving parts makes for a great replacement. No more air compressors or solenoid valves.

The following modifications are completed at no cost to make installation on site quick and easy.

  • Convert top discharge to front discharge (if noise is an issue inside the room the top discharge should be retained)
  • Change 415 motor to 240 volt motor
  • Install local controls for fan speed (alternative control connection can be provide for accurate room pressure control)
  • Modify electrical drawings to suit.

The front face should have four holes drilled to bolt up to the existing damper for installation.

Trailing led fitted which is 2.5mm2

Unit performance is 435 litres per second when fitted with a large cyclone separator or 293 litres per second when fitted with a smaller cyclone separator. If you can provide the room dimensions we can select the correct cyclone separator during manufacture.

Led time is 3 weeks.

Cost $11,482.00 plus GST free issue Belmont warehouse.

Unit Dimensions.

Unit Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Air Flow L/s
Impact/Bushman/FarrQ2 1000 595 1150 <400
CPU II 995 595 1990 (max) 435