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Negative Pressurisation Units for Covid-19 Coming Soon

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Pressurisation into switch rooms and dust sensitive areas is only effective when clean air is supplied through efficient filtration systems. The Answer : CPU II
Systems - CPU II
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Systems - CPU II

The CPU II Pressurisation Unit uses a unique cyclonic separator to remove up to 85% of incoming contaminants and will quickly eject 99% of larger particles remaining, (20 microns and above) before the air enters the filter chamber.
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Clean Air Solutions' current and previous projects are located in the extremely hostile environments caused by the Pindan dust conditions located in the North West Australian mining areas.


Dust Mitigation

Pressurised clean air into switch rooms and dust sensitive areas.

CPU II Efficiency

Removes up to 85% of incoming contaminants and 99% of particles 20 microns and larger.

Maintenance Simplicity

Utilising readily available multiple high efficiency filters commonly used on mine sites.

Constant Pressure

Variable Speed Controllable. Backward curved Blades to ensure lowest sound levels.

Effective Pressurisation

All surfaces and joints sealed to prevent any dust bypassing the filtration.

Maintenance Access

Easy electrical access for maintenance inspections, and multiple air discharge options.

Filter Access

Rear access to filter change only requires 600mm x 600mm clearance.

Intelligent Configuration

Allows location into most tight corners and providing various discharge options.

Noise Reduction

Affective application of noise reduction ducting to minimise noise.

Research and Development

Extensive R&D and innovation is conducted in our workshop and onsite.

Existing Equipment Changes

Modifications and retrofitting to existing operations are easily accommodated.

Wall Mounted Options

The BA 200 Wall mounted Unit, plus purpose built solutions.


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