Pressurisation into switch rooms and dust sensitive areas is only effective when clean air is supplied through efficient filtration systems.

 The Answer : CPU II

Intelligent Configuration

  • The CPU II has many configurations to locate the pressurisation unit into most tight corners and provide various discharge options..
  • A wall sleeve is supplied and fitted to allow for a standard 500×500 neck, wall grille, and or fire dampers.
  • Pre-drilled base allows for solid fixing.
  • Speed , pressure and volume controls in many options
  • Shaped to mitigate dust collection

Completely sealed & Galvanised Construction

  • Sealing all surfaces and joints that house both the filter and fan chambers is paramount to a completely clean air supply.
  • Without this attention to detail, dust would be drawn in and bypass the filtration system and effective protection of equipment.
  • Electrical components are located to suit site access.


  • Remote transmission to Mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer.
  • Automatic static pressure or volume control.
  • Internal building control management.
  • Standard electrical switching.

Multiple High-Efficiency Filters

  • The CPU II units utilise multiple high-efficiency filters commonly used on mobile equipment on many mine site operations.
  • The extra filter area greatly extends air filter life and reduces maintenance requirements.
  • Spares are readily available.
  • Clean Air Solutions provide Complete switch room maintenance and auditing of Pressurisation, HVAC and Building control equipment.
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